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2021 SI Road Trip Day 7

IMG 20211009 104326076 HDR v3

The South Island loop concludes. . .

2021 SI Road Trip Day 6

IMG 20211008 110144301 v2

Cromwell to Naseby/Ranfurly Beautiful day today as well, starting in Cromwell.

2021 SI Road Trip Day 5

A beautiful morning from Kinloch and an awesome road to Cromwell. We awoke at various times this morning and enjoyed some of the breakfast fare at Kinloch Lodge.

2021 SI Road Trip Day 4

From Te Anau or Lumsden to Kinloch. . .

2021 SI Road Trip Day 3

IMG 20211005 094456201 v3

Te Anau to Milford and Lumsden. . . The group split into three subgroups today.

2021 SI Road Trip Day 2

IMG 20211004 093219451 exported 832 1633308016039 v3

From Bluff to Te Anau today. . .

2021 SI Road Trip Day 1

IMG 20211003 113247972 HDR v2

Day 1 of the 2021 BetterNZ Trust #LeadingTheCharge Roadtrip took off from Dunedin this morning and travelled through the Catlins down into Invercargill.

How realistic is electric car route to carbon-neutral future?

Electric car use is one of the cornerstones of the Climate Commission's advice to the government on how to become carbon neutral, but how feasible is it? This was the question…

It's a small mindset change

panels combined v3

Driving an EV changes the way you live in more ways than one How often do you leave for work or to drop off the kids and find the car was…

Meet Wellington's new electric car share

mevo charger clyde quay v3

We recently interviewed Erik Zydervelt about Mevo, an exciting and ambitious electric car share service he has launched for Wellington businesses, residents, and visitors! The first of 16 pods is now open…

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