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Charger Etiquette

The Better NZ Trust has been #LeadingTheCharge in New Zealand’s EV space since 2015. During that time, this charitable Trust has worked closely with all industry decision makers, government, and pioneer EV enthus­iasts, in an effort to successfully bring EV to NZ. This Code of Behaviour at public chargers comes after consultation with the EV community and with the experience of being the longest-serving promoter of EV in NZ.

Downloadable PDF of #LeadingTheCharge NZ EV Etiquette

  1. All EVs Are Equal
    Whether PHEV, small or large capacity, all EV’s have equal right to use chargers.
    Use your discretion in sharing, if there is a choice of high-powered/low-powered DC chargers.
    Only use public chargers if you cannot charge at home. Keep them free for those that need them.

  2. Charging Not Parking
    Parks displaying this official NZ sign are for charging only. Do not park there if you are not charging,
    even if you’re in an EV.

  3. Be Nice to ICE
    Be a good EV Ambassador. Don’t leave anything other than a polite note on an offending vehicle.

  4. When to Unplug
    Only unplug another vehicle if you are certain it has finished charging, or you have been given permission, eg: on Plugshare. Not all cars can be unplugged during, or even after charging, so respect the owner and know what you are doing before acting.

  5. Monitor With Your Phone
    Make use of apps or txt alerts to monitor the state of charge. Plugshare is a safe way to communicate, but is optional.

  6. Don’t Set and Forget
    Stations are designed to allow you to leave your vehicle charging. But you must be back before charging stops, and before any parking time limits are up.
    Don’t expect others to unplug you.

  7. Check for Parking/Charging Limits
    Some stations and/or EV parks have time limits to encourage vehicle turnover.
    Do not park illegally to reach the charger.

  8. E-Stop is for Emergencies
    In other situations, only press E-Stop if you can’t get hold of the station operator by phone.
    Reset it before you leave.

  9. OK to Check Progress
    It is acceptable and normal to check the onscreen progress of a station that you are waiting to use.

  10. Look after the stations, cables and plugs.  Report any damage to the service provider, & ensure cables are safely tucked away


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