the Electric Vehicle enthusiasts group


Leading The Charge is a community of drivers, enthusiasts, and advocates who are helping to accelerate the shift to electric vehicles in New Zealand by sharing knowledge and passion through public events and outreach, as well as strategic engagement with other stakeholders. 

We know that driving on clean, affordable, domestic electricity is more fun, convenient, and practical. That it improves air quality for families across New Zealand. That it supports both our local economy and the global environment. That it is, quite simply, better.

We want to take you with us on this electrifying mission. 

Local enthusiasts arrange events throughout the year but the two big annual events are the Leading The Charge EV Road trip and International Drive Electric week. Organised with support of many sponsors and of course the community of enthusiasts.

Check out the EVENTS page for upcoming events.

Leading The Charge is a project of the Better NZ Trust, whose vision is to create environmental, financial and health benefits for all New Zealanders through education, and assisting in the adoption of zero carbon renewable energy technologies. The BNZT is a proud member of the Global EV Alliance.


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