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SI Road Trip Days 1 and 2

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Day 1 of the journey, and the South Island travellers made our way from all over the South Island (and beyond!) into Christchurch.

Hadden Paddon Electric Rally Car

Listen to our Chairperson on RNZ https://www. rnz. co. nz/national/programmes/thepanel/audio/2018761420/electric-vehicle-rally-to-join-motorsport-compeititon  

EVs as workhorses - the Nissan e-NV200

The Better NZ Trust just loves a good EV story, and what better than a commercial organisation telling us about their EV journey?   With the name of 1st Class Gardens it doesn't…

BMW Invests in Carbon Net Zero Gasoline

prometheus carbon neutral fuel 100710456 l v3

"The average car stays on the road for over eight years; meaning that even if the whole world switched to buying 100% electric cars tomorrow, it would still take almost…

UNSW Electric Vehicle Survey

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UNSW EV Survey link  Image: Shutterstock The University of New South Wales (UNSW), one of Australia's leading research and teaching universities, is undertaking a survey, on Electric Vehicles, lead by Gail Broadbent and…

Electric cars and their CO2 lifetime emissions

A UK based organisation has looked at the CO2 emissions of EVs.

What We Do

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It's EV promotion season and we've just had a huge weekend of volunteer-led EVents.

Alsco Leads The Way

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Alsco, formerly NZTS, is a laundry business with a long history in NZ.

Introducing our Newest Trustee!

Martin Kane v3

The Better NZ Trust has appointed a new trustee to join the board, now making it a total of six.

Your Submissions: CCS & CCD

Proposed Clean Car Standard and Clean Car Discount for New Zealand Earlier this month the Ministry of Transport issued a discussion paper entitled ‘Moving the light vehicle fleet to low emissions:…

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