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Busting Myths

There are many stories about electric vehicles that are just not true. Here is a list of links to the "Myth Busting" blog posts.

Each post links to a High-Resolution Adobe file that can be used to print posters.

Busting EV Myths Part 1

Myth: "EV's Can't Tow"

Myth: "They're Too Expensive"

Myth: "They're Just A Fad"


Busting EV Myths Part 2

Myth: "They Look Ugly"

Myth: "There's No Skill In Driving Them"

Myth: "They're Not As Fast"


Busting EV Myths Part 3

Myth: "EVs Don't Go Far"

Myth: "It Takes Hours to Charge"

Myth: "There's No Infrastructure"


Busting EV Myths Part 4

      Myth: "You are stuck if there is a power failure"

      Myth: "Electricity is all made by coal"

      Myth: "The Grid will break under burden"


Busting EV Myths Part 5

      Myth: "EV Carbon footprint is worse"

      Myth: "EV Batteries are a fire risk"

      Myth: "EVs create more particulates"


Busting EV Myths Part 6

Myth: Batteries Have Short Life Spans

Myth: Batteries Can Not Be Recycled

Myth: Lithium is Rare