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Your Submissions: CCS & CCD

Proposed Clean Car Standard and Clean Car Discount for New Zealand Earlier this month the Ministry of Transport issued a discussion paper entitled ‘Moving the light vehicle fleet to low emissions:…

Introducing Our Newest Champions


  What is a #LeadingTheCharge Champion The EV community in NZ is a passionate collection of people who want to share their EV enthusiasm with the rest of the world.

Evolocity Electric Wheels Festival Coming to Hamilton

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  Don't miss Hamilton's first-ever electrically charged Festival – celebrating the acceleration into our lives of E-vehicles! Held in partnership with the Waikato Engineering Careers Association and Waikato EV Owners, the EVolocity…

Busting EV Myths Part 6

Click here for a Hi-Rez version of the image below Topics Covered:     Myth: Batteries Have Short life-spans     Myth: Batteries Can Not Be Recycled     Myth: Lithium is Rare

Busting EV Myths Part 5

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  Part 5 - view hi-res image here Topics Covered:       Myth: "EV Carbon footprint is worse"       Myth: "EV Batteries are a fire risk"       Myth: "EVs create more particulates"  

Busting EV Myths Part 4

  Click here for a Hi-rez version of the image below Part 4 of 6 : Topics Covered       Myth: "You are stuck if there is a power failure"       Myth: "Electricity…

Busting EV Myths Part 1

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It's hard to counter all the misinformation that exists about EVs in just a few sentences. Especially where the topic is quite involved.