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Why Battery is better than Hydrogen

hydrogen 2 v2

A driver at a hydrogen pump at a Los Angeles gas station refuels a futuristic, zero-emission Chevrolet Equinox hydrogen-fuel-cell powered automobile. The vehicle has a range of 150 miles.

Tesla plans to open source it's vehicle security software

tesla opensource v2

Tesla plans to open-source its vehicle security software for free to other automakers for safer self-driving future With the upcoming rise of self-driving and more connected vehicles come an increased risk…

Lower Hutt to ‘buzz’ with electric vehicles

lolgas Hutt City v2

A convoy of electric vehicles (EVs) are buzzing into Lower Hutt this month as part of the #LeadingTheCharge country wide road trip.

Power of the Butterfly Effect

ButterflyEffect2 v3

POWER OF THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT Does the Flap of a Butterfly's Wings in Brazil Set Off a Tornado in Texas? Probably not, but meteorologist Edward Lorenz's chaos theory, the Butterfly Effect, has evolved…

Leading The Charge Road Trip 2018 - Wrap up

Bluff 20180314 073924 edited v2

The annual Leading the Charge road trip is over for 2018.

Leading the Charge Road Trip of EVs arrives in Whangarei

Council was keen to support the 'Leading the Charge Road Trip' of Electric Vehicles (EVs) from Bluff to Cape Reinga when it arrived in Whangarei on Tuesday 3 April.

Region plugs in with more car chargers

whangarei v2

Northland is taking charge of its progression to more environmentally friendly transport options, with a national tour of electric vehicles (EVs) marking the launch of some extra charging stations.

Leading the Charge Hamilton

Hamilton v2

The Leading the Charge roadtrip made its way into Hamilton on March 28, so I snuck down from Auckland to see how they were going.

Electric vehicles hit Far North to mark launch of Crimson Coast Electric Vehicle Highway

Crimson Coast v2

On Tuesday the Far North's Crimson Coast Electric Vehicle Highway will be officially opened in Kerikeri and there will be a range of electric vehicles (EVs) on hand for the…

Leading the Charge RoadTrip Driving The Future

ChargeNet blog LTC v2

How do you convince the public that electric cars are no longer a fad but the future? That is the challenge that faces the Better NZ Trust volunteers as we set…

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