the Electric Vehicle enthusiasts group

Electricana 2024

The weather gods came to the Electricana party this year and blessed us with sunshine, albeit with some wind as well, but then the venue is very close to the sea, and so a sea breeze is always evident!

Many of the volunteers, who were attending the event with their EVs for display, shared a meal together on Friday night at the Novotel restaurant, Haukai, which was a great opportunity to re-connect with friends from around the country.  Justin and Sharmayne Smith had done their usual brilliant job of bringing the event together perfectly, although there were some last minute hiccups!

As well as personal cars the event also welcomed commercial entities, namely


ChargeNet from Auckland, 

Drive EV from Taupo, 

Hikotron from Hamilton 

Tesla from Wellington

local New Plymouth Harrison’s Solar franchise

and the local New Plymouth MeloYelo E-Bikes franchise

They were all proudly demonstrating that great organisations such as theirs use EVs as their vehicle of choice, sign-written of course. 

The local BYD distributor kindly brought along 3 EVs – the Seal, the Dolphin and an Atto 3. Western Coast MG had a MG4X on show. Local dealership Energy City Ford brought along a Mustang Mach-E GT which Sean (accompanied by Margaret and Janine) happily took for a test drive. 

Drive EV brought along their bright green Model S, known as The Hulk, towing a Nissan Ariya on its trailer.  The driver Duncan was happy to explain that towing could cut range by as much as 50%; a member of the public overhearing this chimed in that when she and her husband towed their caravan with their ICE vehicle the same 50% cut in range was seen!  So the laws of physics still hold, thank goodness!

An estimated 300 people visited the event over its 4 hour span, and many great conversations were had.

Chiwi Catering food truck and Vibe coffee cart made sure nobody felt hungry or thirsty!